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Wear Strips for Bunchers & Twisters

Common Features:
  • Hard "Tempered & Blued" Spring Steel
  • Faster Wear Strip changes. Eyelets are loosened, the old strip is slid out and the new strip is slid back in. There is no need to remove the bow guides.
  • Standard lengths can be cut to fit on site.
  • Lower cost and more convenient than wear strips with eyelet holes

For Fiberglass and Carbon fiber bows: Convenient Slide-In design is .580" wide and compatible with 18.5 mm spaced Bow Guide mounting holes. (Heany UG-0985-01, Cosmos BG-1 or similar Bow guides) standard length is 74". Please order part number 501 021.

For Steel Kinrei/Watson Bows: Steel bows typically do not incorporate wear strips. The bow blade is allowed to wear and eventually must be replaced. Now a simple 10mm wide, hard spring steel strip is available. To install, just loosen the eyelet fasteners, slide the strip under the eyelet holder and retighten to fastener. It's fast, inexpensive and it works!


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